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On the fitness wagon (again)

Like many others, I have had a long struggle with the gym. For about 6-7 years, I have gotten off and on the wagon every few months. In my most recent stint, I enlisted the help of an amazing trainer. I lasted 4-5 months and he got me into awesome shape. I was able to keep up with the routines even when the school year started... However, as soon as my secondary job as the school's play director (AND costumer, make-up artist, set designer, lighting designer...) I feel right off again. It's not the time that became my issue. If I really wanted in squeeze in an hour I could. It was the mental commitment that overwhelmed me. I am an all-or-nothing type, and I couldn't mentally juggle my commitments, so something had to stop. Unfortunately, that meant my own stress relief and confidence suffered greatly.

So after finally reaching a point where I became completely unhappy with myself, I sucked it up and sulked back to my trainer. Thankfully, Jason is one of the most understanding, patient, and motivating people I could train with. The goals we set are to get me back to the fitness level I was at when I trained with him a few months ago and then some. As a long term goal, we would like to get me to the point where I can do a half marathon, marathon, and maybe more. Scary! (But I think I can do it.) In order to get started, my minimum gym time is twice a week in the month of April, three times in the month of May, four times in the June, and five to six times during the summer.

But again, I am an all-or-nothing type of girl, so this week I've already convinced myself to go in three times and go skiing for 5-6 hours. I am planing to go at least once more this week. I want to try out a few different activities instead of always doing cardio and weights at the gym. I really enjoyed spending time skiing, but the season is almost over and it is super expensive. I may also try to incorporate outdoor running and indoor rock climbing. There is a rock climbing gym very close to my house so that might be a fun option for weekends.

Anyway, wish me luck, cuz here I go.... I am really hoping to keep consistent for a year at least. I feel like that will get me roped in for life. I'll keep you posted!



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