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Diet Soda Battle Rages

Hooray!!! Eleven days and I've only had one Diet Soda. I don't know why it's working, but it is. I started out with lots of flavored waters and flavored bottled teas, but you know what? After a while the taste of that stuff makes you feel kind of sick. Imagine that! So I've been breaking it up with straight up bottled water... Shockingly it was, dare I say, Refreshing! I'm slowing but surely drinking less and less of the flavored stuff and more regular water. That flavored stuff has Splenda in it anyway, so ideally I'd like to get that out of my diet too.

I have to say, I've been able to adjust a lot of my eating habits in the past, but I really thought this one was going to be much harder than it actually turned out to be. It makes me think that maybe I could try to eliminate even more artificial garbage from my diet. To be honest, I don't eat that much over-processed foods. However, I think maybe I underestimate the impact of all the chemicals, hormones, and other not-so-pleasant things we ingest. I have always admired the vegan, organic lifestyle. I have been thinking about trying something like this out. I have done some "whole foods" plans before and learned a lot from the experience. I continue to use many of these credos in my daily life. My biggest fear is that I'll end up not eating as balanced as I should, that I might begin to rely on one food group (probably carbs) to get me through.

Hmmmm, if I decide to go for it, maybe I need to find a strong role model or at least a reliable published plan. If you have any suggestions for getting started, let me know.


Erik said...

I have always admired the vegan, organic lifestyle.


Cowie said...

I love H2O. I could be Water Girl.

Jason Stone said...

damn good blog!! nice


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