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Confession of the Diet Soda Addict

Yep... any of you that know me well know that I am completely, totally addicted to diet soda. I never drank soda (diet or regular) when I was younger. I started drinking it about four or five years ago and it has gotten Waaaay out of hand. I won't even admit how many I drink per day... let's just say... a lot. Anyway, through the urging of my trainer, (who I absolutely trust and am extremely indebted to) I have decided to try to quit again. I think he was about to fall over when I finally told him about my addiction :(
So far so good... two days, no soda and getting through the headaches. I have stocked up on tons of bottled water and unsweetened iced tea. My waters are the flavored kind that have some aspartame still, but I absolutely hate water so this is my temporary compromise. Hopefully I can eventually get myself to drink regular water... I am totally alone or does anyone else feel absolutely sick from drinking plain water?... Bleh!!
Anyway, wish me luck! I'll keep you posted!



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