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Production Week!

This week is our Fall Play at the middle school I teach at. We'll do three "previews" where we show 30 mins of the play to the school and one full show on Friday night. Actually, this year I have two shows. One is a 15 minute play created by my Advance 8th Grade students and the other is a traditional hour long performance with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. The "big play" is called "Property Rites." I am so wiped I can't even begin to start describing the last couple of weeks. This Saturday made the last of four Saturdays at work with dress rehearsals and set construction. The last dress rehearsal is tomorrow night.... *deep breath*
I woke up this morning after having nightmares that the whole show was a disaster.... The funny thing is this show has been much easier to produce than the others I have done, and I feel like everything is much more prepared. I guess those old fears and anxiety never go away. I just want so badly for everything to turn out better for the sake of the kiddos that I think I let the stress build up. These kids are awesome, they are working so hard. They really deserve to end up with a great show that they are proud of.
So keep us in your thoughts and hope that we all "break a leg." I'll let you know how it goes!


Craig Mason said...

Break a leg! Alan Haehnel is a great writer; you're in great hands there.


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