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Iron Cupcake Challenge Entry #1

Banana Bread, Dark Chocolate, and Hazelnut Cupcakes...
My very first entry to the Iron Cupcake Challenge!! Yea! This month's secret ingredient is chocolate. I made Banana Bread cupcakes with dark mini chocolate chips and a hazelnut cocoa frosting. I topped them with a super dark chocolate chip and some toasted hazelnut pieces.
The cupcake itself is really moist and has a definite banana flavor. There are lots of tiny chocolate chips running through the cake. The frosting is to die for... to be honest I rarely like frosting, but this one, I actually LOVE. It is thick and rich, you can definitely taste the fresh hazelnut butter and dark earthy cocoa. The mix of banana, hazelnut, and dark chocolate makes these cupcakes perfect with a glass of milk.
Well, wish me luck with the challenge. And if you can, please click on the badge on my blog and go vote for my entry. Happy baking, everyone!



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