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The Cupcake Sonnet

Sooo, I wanted to model how to write a fun sonnet for my Shakespeare students.... I try to always do the assignments with them instead of just handing them out. .....And, well I got a little stuck. I did want to post something on my blog though, so the resulting mess is an odd mix of the Iron Cupcake Challenge I just decided to join (via Blogger) and Shakespearean sonnets... Good Lord, what is wrong with me??!

Secret Ingredient: Cranberry!

Upon this day I hath taken upon myself
A task so great I couldst not bear to see
It pass me by. A humble kitchen shelf
Call’d out to me: “Bake me! Frost me! Cup me!”
Iron Cupcake Challenge Baker I will
become! Secret ingredient cranbry:
Thou scar'st me not, I know what I will fill!
A zest of orange, and not a slice of brie.
A white corn muffin, touched with orange honey
Mak’st sweet smells rise through creamy tops of light
Frosting (and smooth choc’late blankets…) Sunny
Days come with these secrets all kept lip’d tight.

Ah snap! What damage’s done? Have now I said
Too much? Oh please, forget what ye hath read!


Beth and Marcus said...

Love it! You should teach Language Arts.... :)

Theatrefolk said...

Fun! If only Shakespeare wasn't so hung up on the dark lady, he might've made it into the kitchen.


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