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Herbie's Story

About three weeks ago we adopted a puppy from a puppy mill rescue. It's the only one I've heard of in Colorado. The people there are great and the adoption process is relatively simple.

If you do not know about about dog mill rescues, here's a quick run-down on what they do. Dog mills are basically commercial dog producers. They hold dogs in small cages and breed them constantly and then sell them to the majority of pet stores. These dogs are treated very inhumanely and those that are "not saleable" are destroyed. Dog mill rescue workers build connections with these mill operators so that when they're preparing to destroy the unwanted dogs, the rescue workers can take them.

If you are considering adopting a dog, I highly recommend puppy mill rescue. The group we worked with had a simple three step process and minimal charges. First I filled out an online application. Second, they emailed me to set up a time for a home inspection. Third, we drove to a Petco Colorado Springs on a Saturday to meet the available puppies and adopt one. Many of the dogs are puppies and most are full breeds. Sometimes the dogs are fearful of humans and take a couple of weeks to feel comfortable with their new owners; but most who adopt a mill rescue dog will tell you that the dogs actually seem to be even more loving and "thankful" than other dogs once they get accustomed to you.

Our little beagle-jack Russel terrier mix ("Herbie")is so sweet and adorable. He had no trouble feeling right at home with us. He also really loves his sister, Pandora. Herbie was already neutered and he had all his shots; the rescue only charged us $250. He was pretty malnourished, but he's gaining weight and his coat is getting thicker everyday. He was almost totally potty trained when we brought him home and he hasn't had any behavior issues to speak of.

Here's some pictures of our sweetheart! Please feel free to ask any questions about the adoption process if you're interested. I have also included a link to the homepage for the rescue... Check it out! ;)




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